BNC Commerce | Tunisian based export trading company

We offer tailored products with the utmost quality and best prices.

We believe in quality and are able to negotiate the best prices as we know the Tunisian Market well.


Why you should work with us:

BNC Commerce is a Tunisian based export trading company offering a variety of private label and generic food products.


We believe in quality

We ensure that our selected range of products are of good quality and are tested to conform with U.S., Canadian and European standards.


We negotiate the best prices

When it comes to price, we have partnered with several companies in Tunisia to establish a long term business relation thus enabling us to have preferred prices.


We know the Tunisian Market well

Our company is based in Tunisia and each one of our team members, comes from a different industry and background, which puts us in a position that enables us to access almost every aspect of business in the Tunisian Market.


We can provide you with private label

Build your own Brand with best selection of Products.